Virtual Tours

Our virtual tours are made so that they work on a wide range of platforms such as the new Apple product range. We invest a lot of time keeping up to date with new emerging technologies and are developing for the new html 5 standards which incorporate video and sound into the browser. At the moment we can develop virtual tours which are fully interactive and involve video and sound.

Before developing your virtual tour, we will discuss all options of navigation between links to and from the website and provide full integration with Google maps. We can add clickable hotspots throughout the tour so that users can navigate between rooms and provide important information where relevant.

As a virtual tour company we offer many services surrounding rich media content creation such as web design and internet marketing.
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Website design

As well as specialising in virtual tours, our other services consist of web design which include intriguing rich graphical content and highly developed websites.  All of our websites can have an up to date blogging platform integrated which can be totally content managed by the client. This type of CMS (Content Managed System) consists of an interface which the client can easily add new articles that can appear in section of every page of the website. Pictures and videos can also be seamlessly integrated and archived in a specific order.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC can be a great way of spending money on keywords which can see some return on investment within the first month. Google for instance have their keyword tool to help you choose which keywords will work best for your business and you can set a budget of how much to spend each month, once the limit has been reached you stop getting clicks through to your site. Google charge different amounts and a higher price is commanded for the most competitive keywords. We provide a service to manage your PPC campaign, in which we will set up an analytics account for you and set a number of goals, which relates to which keywords were clicked through to get to particular pages of your website. Through this type of analysis we are able to understand better your customer’s needs and wants.

Organic Search Engine Optimisation

For customers wishing to be involved in an organic search engine optimisation campaign, then we insist on a CMS word press platform. Word press is an astonishingly powerful tool which allows the client ease of use for publishing new articles to their website. We can consult on the best use of this system or we can manage all of your articles for you to grow your business to the next level, whilst you go about your business. Organic search engine optimisation or SEO for short, is name given for optimising your website in search engines without the use of internet advertising such as banner ad’s or PPC.

Your organic SEO campaign will consist of analytics in much the same way as PPC; we will check particular keywords for your business against your competitors and establish which ones will work better for your budget. We can generate a report on the competitiveness of long tail keywords and phrases and know how to make the right choice when choosing keywords to your business.

Search engine ranking performance known as SERP’s refer to how well your website is ranked, this obviously has an extremely beneficial advantage for your business if you rank number one on page one of Google. Even the first page of Google is a very desirable place for your website to be. This type of optimisation takes time and should see some benefit within the first 6 months. This method takes longer to see some revenue coming in compared to PPC, but once you achieve a high status in the SERP’s there is nothing to limit the amount of traffic coming into your website.