We offer a complete search engine optimisation service, which analyses your direct competition and gives you a complete breakdown of what it all means. This includes a number of different processes and dependant on your direct competition all of the following may not apply.

Websites are usually rebuilt with efficient coding methods applied, which all confirms to current W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

  1. Landing pages are created with keyword strategies in mind, along with area pages to make sure search engines are aware of your companies profile and that you are covering all the areas that makes your business operate.
  2. Articles are written on a regular basis, which as above updates your website with all relevant news associated with your business.
  3. Content management system is provided and built into your website with seamless integration with the design and brand identity.
  4. Sitemap created for search engines to identify all the correct content with your website.
  5. Internal linking structure mapped out for easy keyword identity between associated pages.
  6. Blog site submission of your current affairs with appropriate link transfer schemes between relevant information.
  7. External link building with appropriate domain submission categories to increase page and domain authority.

All services include Google analytics and keyword tracking along with which links have been clicked and how long users have spent on a particular page or article.